A few kind words from our clients . . .


“Wow! Thank you so much for your amazing job. You really went the extra mile for me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that! I really enjoyed working with you. You’re true professionals 🙂 I have more in the works and can’t wait for an encore.”
– Caroline, Century 21 Alliance


“My video shoot exceeded my expectations – it was really fun! I’m so camera shy but you were so professional and helpful that it put me at ease. I can’t thank you enough for that!! Thanks for all of your hard work.”

– Leigh, Yebra Real Estate


“Thank you for the stellar job you did with my promo!… Thank you for your attention to detail and the artful eyes you all have!”

– Jenny, SMASH Foods Co.


“Both videos and all the still shots that BAMM did for our project were outstanding quality, both in the clear quality of the actual photographs, and in the incredible artistic sense of the angles, content and editing. Everyone who has seen our promo work has been blown away by the beauty of the work. SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!”

– Acharya Mangalananda


“Thank you for creating such an amazing video that I cry, laugh and fall in love every time I see it!!!!”

– Victoria, Victoria Webb Photography


“I want to take this time to tell you how wonderful it has been to work with you.  We don’t hear enough how great we are and so, you should know you are.  Great! Your team was awesome!  So friendly, professional.  Even after all this time, I’ve heard NOTHING but wonderful things, so complimentary and kind.  The video was amazing.  The best quality ever and full of love and sweetness, just like we imagined it.  You captured the day, the mood, the flow.  The behind the scenes has been stellar.  You and your team have wowed me.  I appreciate the follow up, the excellent customer service.  Everything.  I hope you know I don’t say that lightly.”

– Deborah, Deborah Parrish Photography, and Mother of the Bride



– Nicci, Bride


“This video needs to come with a warning label at the start, I literally just cried all my makeup off!”

– Yana, Bride